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The Hometown Kids™ Mystery Club Book Series (Book

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When the local group of kids
get together for fun, they get involved in solving mystery after mystery. Led
by two capable leaders along with two more girls and two more boys, they are
expert kid mystery solvers. The club of six start locally, and then in some
subsequent books while traveling with their families around the world, they
hunt down the law breakers. Their purpose is to tip off the Police to the
doings of the guilty. Mixed with humor, excitement, adventure, suspense, irony
and life lessons, The Hometown Kids™ Mystery Club Book Series is for all but
especially made for ages 8 - 16. Suitable for people of all genders and
backgrounds - The Hometown Kids Mystery Book Series™ is awesome!


The Illustrated version
e-book is now available (Book 1: The Mystery of The Bungling Burglar) on
Amazon, iBook store (iTunes), Barnes and Noble or your favorite online store at
reasonable prices. The print version is not available yet.
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