About Us
Ablewise.com started as an online classifieds portal (in 1999) catering to the needs of advertisers from The United States only. After receiving numerous positive responses and feedbacks, Ablewise.com expanded its classified services to another 9 Countries - The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China and India. Being the original creator of "Power Ads", Ablewise.com has helped hundreds of thousands of classified advertisers sell their products and services for the past 18 years. With more than 3 million sellers to date, and close to 10 million visitors a year, Ablewise.com has provided its services and helped people create successful businesses all over the world.

Ablewise.com 3.0 was launched on 2015! With new features such as User Control Panel, Automated Payment System, Premium Memberships, Power Ad Cascading-Rotation®, Advanced Ad Performance Tracking, Random Photo Display, Social Bookmarking and Affiliate Program, Ablewise.com has once again gone ahead of the competition.

We wish to take this opportunity to thank all our users for supporting us all these years! With Ablewise.com 3.0, we are confident of renewing your passion and trust for online classifieds. Give it a try, we are sure to impress even the most demanding classified users!

Ablewise.com Team

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