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You can use these tips to increase traffic to your Ads and generate sales for your products and services!

Before you continue, please note that you must have posted at least a Free Ad. If you have not done so, please start here.
Tip #1: Add social bookmarks to your Ads

At the bottom of every Ad, there is a list of links to social bookmarking sites that you can use to bookmark your Ads. By bookmarking with these sites, you can effectively "share" your bookmarks with other users who have similar interests as you, or are looking for the product or service that you have just advertised.

Tip #2: Add social bookmarks to your personal profile.

This is very similar to tip #1 as shown above. Apart from Ads, you can also bookmark your personal profile on most social bookmarking sites. Since your profile has a list of all your active Ads, visitors who arrive at your profile can easily view them and contact you should they be interested in your products or services.

Tip #3: Email your friends about your Ads.

At the bottom of every Ad, there is a box where you can enter the email address of your friend whom you wish to forward your Ad to. Keep entering email addresses of all your friends and alert them of your Ad so that they can come and take a look at what you are selling.

Tip #4: Submit your Ads to popular search engines.

By submitting your Ads to popular search engines, you can get valuable traffic for free! Try submitting your Ads at least once to each search engine after they are posted. If you do not know the unique URL of your Ads, please go to the Ad's page and copy the whole URL as stated in the address bar. Your Ad's page URL should look something like this - http://www.ablewise.com/ads/view/999111999/.

Submit to Google Search
Submit to Yahoo Search
Submit to MSN Live Search

Tip #5: View your Ad performance stats frequently to fine tune your campaign.

You can view your Ad performance stats here. Keep a tight look-out for Ads that are not performing up to expectations and tweak them accordingly.

Tip #6: Find Free Ads with good Ad performance stats and upgrade them to Power Ads.

Due to the large number of Free Ads we receive on a daily basis, it is not easy for a single Ad to stand out among the tens of thousands of Ads we have. Hence, it will not be easy to find Free Ads with significantly good Ad performance stats. What we suggest is simply to fine tune your Ad with our ad posting tips, upload at least an interesting picture and then upgrade it to a Power Ad for maximize exposure.

Tip #7: Purchase a Bundle Promo to get exclusive benefits for posting Ads.

With a Bundle Promo, you will receive 10 Ablewise Credits to post any Ads or enhancements, and get to post 120 days Power Ads at a whopping discount of 40%!