Post Classified Ads

At Ablewise.com Classifieds, you can post 2 different kinds of Ads - Free Ads and Power Ads.

What are Free Ads?

In short, Free Ads are Ads which do not need to be paid for. They are free to post, as and when you have something to sell. However, due to the many requests from our advertisers, we do allow some form of paid enhancements for Free Ads, such as RED headline, EMOticons and Hyperlinks. These enhancements will greatly increase the click-through rate of your Ads, so we strongly recommend advertisers to include them when posting. To start posting your Free Ads, please click here (note that you would first need to register or login).

What are Power Ads?

Power Ads are our best sellers. These Ads have various benefits that can really help you sell your products and services fast! To view the many benefits of our Power Ads or to post one yourself, please click here.

Do you know? With a Bundle Promo, you can post 120 days Power Ads at a whopping discount of 40%!