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Why post a Power Ad?

Posting a Power Ad is the most effective way to advertise on Ablewise.com Classifieds. Power Ads are shown on multiple pages throughout our website (over 2500 pages) including our Homepage, Photo Gallery and Hall Of Fame, and appear right at the top of these pages before any other Ads or content. Our Power Ads are designed to grab attention and have consistently generated impressive click-through rates of more than 85%!

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Benefits Of A Power Ad
Featured - A personal Power Ad headline to your own Full Page Power Ad!
Ultimate Exposure - Your Power Ad headline will be displayed throughout the website including:
   • Our Homepage
   • All States/Regions
   • Power Ads Section
   • Over 100 Sub-Categories
   • Over 500 Specific Categories
   • Over 2000 Ads Listing Pages
   • Photo Gallery
   • Hall Of Fame
Number 1 Ad - Your Power Ad headline will go straight to the #1 position and is displayed above all Free Ads!
Priority Listing - Your Power Ad headline will appear before all Free Ads in our search results!
Unlimited Impressions and Click-Throughs - NO per-click, per-impression or any commision charges!
Focus - All Power Ads have default headlines.
Target - You can enter up to 5000 characters in your Power Ad description.
Flexibilty - You can modify your Power Ad as many times as you wish - sell different things every week!
Control - You can deactivate or pause your Power Ad to stop it from appearing temporarily. Activate it back anytime!
Dedication - There will NOT be any form of 3rd-party advertising on your dedicated Power Ad page!
Long Term Ad - Post your Power Ad for up to 365 days - One flat fee with NO monthly charges!
Bring-It-Up - You will be able to bring your Power Ad back to the #1 position whenever you wish!
No Recurring Fees - Unlike other websites, there are NO compulsory recurring fees to pay each month!
Photos - You can include 3 photos for free to showcase your website logos, banners, products or services.
Enhance - You can add RED headline or EMOticons for a small fee to capture the attention of all potential buyers!
Monitor - All Power Ads come with Advanced Ad Performance Tracking!
Self Generate Advertising - No monitoring of Ad needed. We will do all promotions for you!
Keywords - Our system will automatically generate 20+ relevant keywords for your Ad to be searched upon.
Web Searchable - Your Power Ad has a unique URL which can be listed in search engines.
Promote - We will automatically submit your Power Ad to 135 popular search engines inc' Google, MSN and Yahoo!

135 Popular Search Engines

Archive - Expired Power Ads will be stored on our servers for an extra 365 days to allow for search engines indexing.
Never Say Die - Even if your Power Ad has expired, potential buyers can still find you through the search engines!
Automated Payment System - Get listed right away! Your Power Ad will be launched instantly after payment!
It costs US$20 - about 66¢ a day only! - to post a 30 days Power Ad. Click here to view all available packages.

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